Shalisa L. Wall – Shalisa’s Sisters

Shalisa’s Sisters is a supportive community for women and children who have triumphed over domestic violence, initiated by Shalisa L. Wall. Stemming from her journey of recovery after experiencing domestic abuse, Shalisa joined the Prestamos CDFI Social Enterprise program and began receiving business advising to assist with her Business. She aimed to create a safe space for survivors to connect, share experiences, and rebuild their lives. Through this initiative, she aims to provide a haven where individuals can engage in recreational activities, networking, resource-sharing, and building friendships. Shalisa’s Sisters extends its services to include educational resources, support groups, and social events for family, friends, and community members impacted by domestic violence.

As the Founder & CEO, Shalisa Wall passionately advocates for domestic violence survivors, leveraging her own experiences from the Prestamos CDFI program to support others on their healing journey. She emphasizes empowerment, financial independence, and the significance of safe, supportive environments for women and children. Through social media and community engagement, Shalisa raises awareness about domestic violence while fostering resilience and camaraderie among survivors within the Sisterhood of Survivors at Shalisa’s Sisters.