Program Descriptions


Is a course to learn more about our business education programs, how to enroll in our programs, how they can help you start or expand your business, our consultation services, and more​.

This course also guides you through the basics of starting a business. You will be provided with information about Startup Fundamentals, using the Business Model Canvas.​ Once you have successfully completed this session, you will be better able to decide if your business idea is worth pursuing, and you will be armed with the information necessary to continue onward with your business endeavor!
Offered Bi-monthly

DreamBuilder Academy:

DreamBuilder consists of 13 courses that are bundled together to create a step-by-step framework for starting a business as well as marketing, pricing, & management. Get the support through this 6-week program, led by a certified business analyst. At the end of the program, students have a completed business plan, will receive a certificate and will graduate. ​No Gurus, just your fellow small business owners and the resources you need to complete a program designed for women by one of the top business schools in the world, Thunderbird School for Global Management and Freeport-MacMoran.
Offered Quarterly

If you wish to register for the self-paced course, please click here and start doing DreamBuilder online at No-Cost.

Jumpstart Your Business

This four-part series accelerator program will start you off with the basics of starting/owning a business​. We’ll cover what to consider in starting a business, from entity formation, legal structures to pricing​. If you are thinking of starting a business, or are already in business and want more information on how to build a better foundation, this is a perfect opportunity to learn best practices in running a small business​.
Offered quarterly

Cafecito Talks

This is a workshop where business professionals and entrepreneurs are encouraged to build and grow meaningful connections.​ This late morning business education event is for women who are focused on achieving something fresh and new for their business and themselves.​ Experts and business owners from our community will come and share their insight and expertise​.
Offered monthly

Funding 101:

This group is designed for startups and established small businesses to learn more about the different ways to fund their startups and small businesses and how to prepare and develop different strategies for various funding options.