Shaniqua Hopkins – 7th Dream Helping Hearts

The strong life experiences that Shaniqua Hopkins has, led her to develop a project to support young girls who have lived in foster care homes and are pregnant. This gave rise to 7th Dream Helping Hearts, a non-profit organization located in Laveen, AZ. 

Teenage Pregnancy 

Shaniqua lived in foster care from the age of 8 months until she was 15 years old. After escaping, getting into trouble, and living on the streets, she became pregnant at the age of 15. It was her enrollment in a school for teenage mothers that changed her life. 


In September 2022, 7th Dream Helping Hearts officially started as a non-profit organization that provides resources and products to pregnant teenage girls. They offer free services such as food, diapers, clothing, mentorship, and support groups. 

Life-Changing Events 

Over the past two years, they have helped dozens of individuals through various community activities, such as backpack giveaways, assistance in finding housing, and their flagship program, “Mom and Me,” where they promote visits to museums and parks to strengthen the bond between mothers and children and enhance the psychosocial development of minors. 

Partnerships and Volunteering 

Currently, the organization relies solely on volunteers and partnerships with other non-profit organizations. Their goal is to obtain funds through donations to help a greater number of girls who have lived or are living in temporary foster care and are going through pregnancy. 

Relationship with Prestamos CDFI 

7th Dream Helping Hearts has received support in business mentoring and administrative counseling, including courses, marketing strategies, networking with other organizations, and assistance with a classroom to provide training for the girls.