Liz Cervantes – High-End Reclaimed

We’ve all heard stories of people turning their hobby into a profitable business, this is precisely what happened to Liz Cervantes in 2022 with her furniture refinishing business, High-End Reclaimed.

Recognition of her work

After receiving very good compliments for renovating some furniture for her own house, she began to do her first jobs to sell through social media posting photos of her finished pieces. Now she visits several places in search of furniture that can be renovated, because she made it very clear that not every piece of furniture can go through the renovating process, they must be made of wood or metal.

All her “hats”

Liz Cervantes still works full-time in a banking institution, at the same time she is starting this business in her own garage and she is the mother of two teenagers, that is why her biggest challenge is to have enough time to fulfill all her responsibilities and grow her business. Her greatest motivation is to work with her own hands and see the finished work, which can be indoor furniture in wood or outdoor furniture in metal.

Next steps

Mrs. Cervantes plans to find a space or warehouse to do the renovation work and even said that she is planning to have her own place to sell her furniture. At this time, she is working with Prestamos CDFI and the Women’s Business Center (WBC) to improve her social media presence and create her own website. She also participates in a mentoring program for women entrepreneurs and already finished the Dream Builder Program to develop her business plan.