Cristina Sanchez – Corn El Compadre

A Mexican family tradition crossed the border and has become a successful business selling corn and Chihuahua-style esquites. Cristina Sanchez and her husband began to sell corn cocktails, as they call them, among acquaintances and friends, but they did not imagine that It would lead them to create their own company.

Corn “El Compadre” is a business that emerged a year ago to meet the demand for esquites at events and birthdays. It has been such a success that a couple of months ago they had to formally register the business.

The success of the esquites

Esquites are a Mexican snack that consists of corn grains prepared with cream, cheese, chile, and lime. It is sold in all the states of Mexico and Cristina Sánchez makes them with her husband’s family recipe. The esquites are usually consumed in public places like parks and churches, but the Sanchez family prepares them to take to private parties in Phoenix.

Next challenge

For Corn “El Compadre” it’s next step is to open its own place so that the public who wants to consume esquites in the Phoenix area does not have to wait for a party or public event. At this moment they are working on the search for a place and developing the business plan.

The impact of the WBC

Cristina Sanchez learned about the Women’s Business Center (WBC) through the Mexican Consulate. She enrolled in the Dream Builder program and later in the business mentoring group. “I’ve loved it, they make you see things you don’t know, a lot of support and learning, I feel more prepared than before,” said this entrepreneur on her experience with Prestamos CDFI.

The support of Prestamos CDFI 

Mrs. Sánchez says she is very grateful for all the services and information she received through the various small business support programs from Prestamos CDFI. They helped her develop a business plan and register her LLC at no cost to her. She learned to plan her day-to-day, manage her emotions and balance her work and family time. She is already considering applying for a business loan.